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Schools, universities, and companies around the world have adopted online learning methods. For some, Covid brought the expansion of remote programs that were already in place. For others, it was a necessary change that came on short notice.

While students are still dealing with the same material, the processes involved in learning at home and in the classroom are different. There are also unique opportunities to expand and enhance the student experience.

Flexibility, the best value for money and personalised experiences are some of the reasons why e-learning is gaining popularity. Whether you’re a teacher or an employee trainer, there are several Online learning Trends to improve efficiency and make 2021 your best year. The following tips will help you get off to a good start this year.

Online learning Trend 1 : Record all class sessions

If you plan to host live classes on a platform like LOGYMy , be sure to record these sessions. Some students may not be present for all classes that is why LOGYMy has one of the best recording features, you can easily help the student get the course contents by providing a link to the recorded session. This content can also be saved as a resource for future use if you need a particular course.

If you plan to record videos for your class, be sure to include clips of yourself in all content. The video does not have to be a full session showing how you speak to the class. You can cut to other clips, graphics, and images. Just make sure your face is part of the content.

Online learning Trend 2 : Harness the power of online media

Online classes have the advantage of easy access to multiple types of media. Create a complete and immersive experience by integrating it into your online courses. Insert pictures, slides, virtual reality, and more.

Online learning Trend 3 : Interact live when you teach

Do you know that communication is a powerful teaching tool? Studies have shown that the visualization of the instructors’ face during a live online class impacts students. Seeing the instructor allows the class to very interactive. LOGYMy  Is popularly known for its live courses features, this outstanding features allows instructors to interact with the students.

Online learning Trend 4 : Fast user integration

Fast and seamless user integration can affect an online learner choice of an Elearning platform. From enrollment to course selection and payment, every step should be easy. Even if you have great content but a mediocre user experience, it can discourage students from coming back. So seamless user integration like LOGYMy platform should definitely make it to your e-learning website’s feature list.

This platform is also important for organizations looking for e-learning programs with live courses for their employees. Integrating e-learning with the workflow fosters better engagement. Therefore, user integration is a key factor that organizations consider before investing in an e-learning website.

More and more educational technology designers are constantly developing solutions to provide a hassle-free user experience. One such solution can be found in the LOGYMy for live online courses, which produce quick course registration and easy reload.

Online learning Trend 5 : Real-time feedback and evaluation management

The next step on our list of must-have features for the e-learning website is evaluation and feedback. Including periodic quizzes and tests throughout the course can help students assess progress. It also helps students gain additional practice outside of their normal classroom work or ongoing projects.

This also helps to establish checkpoints so that the student knows if they can advance in the course or return to previous topics to redo a chapter.

Online learning Trend 6 : Live Online courses

71% of students believe that a live course offers more flexibility to follow the lessons. However, virtual classrooms can leave many students disconnected as they go through their courses. But a live course gives opportunity for one on one interaction with online instructors, which inspires confidence and helps students better understand their current task. That is why E-learning platforms providing live course is the best to choose. 71% of students believe that a live course offers more flexibility to follow the lessons. LOGYMy is your best plug if you are considering getting a platform with live course features.

Online learning Trend 7 : Gamification

In the field of online education, gamification helps improve engagement in a fun yet powerful way. Numerous studies show that games are very effective in increasing interaction and motivation levels, which in turn helps shape knowledge and optimize the learning process. This feature also inspires online learners.

Online learning Trend 8: Mobile-friendliness

57% of online learners said: An Elearning platform with a poorly designed mobile website is unlikely to be recommended. M-learning or mobile learning has become synonymous with e-learning. Users now want the flexibility of accessing a website from anywhere and on all devices. This trend is on the rise, and ensuring a website is mobile friendly is vital and an absolute necessity. Given the boom in the mobile learning market, we highly recommend LOGYMy  for being mobile-friendly as one of the most important e-learning platforms providing live course features.

Online learning Trend 9 : Say Goodbye to language barrier

Online education relies heavily on individual language. This can make it difficult to connect with other students and feel isolated when the course is restricted to a certain language. This is why it is vital to go for a platform that is open to all languages, example of such a platform is LOGYMy, the platform is a strong believer that not your level nor your language can be barriers to achieve your most desired goals.

Online learning Trend 10 : Earn a certificate

Most people enrol for a course online basically because of the certificate that will be issued after completion. A good online learning website must be able to provide certificate, Assess your performance and earn your certificate with LOGYMy

Online Learning Trends in 2021

E-learning is destined to last and is expected to continue to grow enormously globally. With competition increasingly fierce in this space, delivering a smooth user experience with great content will be the winning formula. Going for a good platform is the fabric of your business, and be ensures that the platform has the correct e-learning website features like that of LOGYMy. With just three steps, you can register with LOGYMy.

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