E-Learning is BORING, the online courses aren’t that good! It is a WASTE OF TIME !

That’s what I always hear people say and that’s what you probably catch some of them say sometimes. Now, obviously, some of these statements may be true but not every single one of them.

Is ELearning really worth it? Well, that’s for us to discover in this blog.

But first …

What is online learning?

 E-learning , online learning, web-based learning, or distance learning are all terms that refer to the same educational system which happens online. Where learners can advance their knowledge in any subject they desire anytime and anywhere.

The online learning has been exploding in these recent years and it boomed during the pandemic. So we were faced with this NEW-NORMAL method of teaching and learning.

Flexibility and consistency were both what defined online tutoring but can we say the same thing about it today?

E-learning platforms have emerged to provide those who have a thirst of knowledge with the ultimate resources to scale, prosper and learn at their own pace without being held back. Students struggled no more while looking for any information.

At its best, e-Learning became people’s superman! If you want to learn to learn a new hobby, a skill, how to dance, how to cook or even how to program, online courses are your best shot!

The great news is that it works PERFECTLY. You even earn a certificate and you add it to your resume, share it with your friends and post it on professional recruiting platforms. The good news is the endless pile of books that you were surrounded with, became a beautifully designed slides and videos. Instead of turning the page all you have to do is to click on a button. That’s great isn’t?

Let’s face it, online learning can be frustrating sometimes!


Imagine you excitedly enrolled in an online course. Suddenly you hit something you don’t quite understand so you go to the chat section and send your question, either you get your question clarified or you get greeted by a shallow silence which is quite frustrating. Believe me I’ve been there before and I know what it looks like.

Just like that that pumping motivation is no longer to be seen! Bye Bye the online course that you have applied for. Bye Bye Certification. Well, not only you, according to statistics “more than 90% of people who sign up for courses don’t complete them”.

Online courses in usa

You might be wondering right now about the main reason of this. Well, what 90% of the people don’t know is that e-Learning is not easy. So they struggle to adapt to the new technology. Discipline and motivation play a big role also. While learning online offers the ultimate freedom to study whenever you want, you might fall into the trap of procrastination. That said, if you fail to manage your time effectively you more likely to drop out of the online course in no time.

Is e-learning good or bad ?

Nowadays people are faced with enormous online Learning platforms and resources. The truth is that as traditional learning, e-Learning has its pros and cons, it came first to solve a real problem and it’s doing great job, with more improvements it’s going to be the ultimate solution to education. It allows you to change your life in a scalable and measurable way. By having access to information when needed. Improving in your professional and personal life on your own schedule.

So it remains a convenient way for self-improvement, to achieve your ambitions and pivot your career.

In this constantly evolving digital era. No matter what, e-Learning remains an efficient solution to scale up and upgrade your future. All you have to do is to choose your course wisely to get the most out of it. Ready for a new adventure? Join our live online courses for an ultimate experience

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