One of the most significant benefits that the internet has brought is receiving information about all types of events in real-time. Nowadays, anyone with smartphones can create videos, publish them in the virtual world, and share live news with the rest of the world.

The same goes for classes online, even allowing interaction with the teacher. LogyMy is a valuable resource for online learning courses to understand how live learning can improve distance learning courses.

Through recorded classes, the online learner can see and hear the teacher, facilitating the dynamics and connections in a class. If this feature attracts and holds the online learner’s attention, it’s no surprise that more and more people are learning live.

Many platforms are using live as a medium to reach their target audience. One unique platform with an educational purpose and entirely based on live learning is “LogyMy.” LogyMy is a project-based elearning platform for people who wants to learn a new skill, improve their skills, interact live, earn certificates, and so on.

We all know how technology plays a substantial role in education. Live serves as a tool for educating all age groups. It has many benefits and opportunities that we will discuss in this article.

1.Increased Interactivity

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The first benefit of the online class is that shy people will find the classes much better. This means they have no worries that could arise when they raise their hand in a real classroom when other students observe them. They will have the opportunity to experience an interactive live experience.

2. Favors Interaction

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LogyMy Live online classes enables people to interact through chats and comments, making the class more dynamic and vibrant, encouraging discussion, and allowing immediate answers to questions. Online learners can use a simple messaging system to communicate with the teacher and other viewers.

While everyone likes the benefit of an online class, pre-recorded asynchronous classes are not quite as exciting as knowing and connecting in real-time as you would in a traditional class.

Live learning brings you the best of both worlds where you can interact with classmates, ask the teacher questions, and enjoy the social aspect of being with your peers. All that’s needed are a webcam, headphones, and a microphone.

3. Follow Up Later And Immediate Feedback On Learning

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Despite being a real-time broadcast, all the content can be recorded to be watched later, which is of great help for those who could not follow the live learning or want to review it. When the transmission is finished, the teacher can make the recorded lecture available for later viewing.

4. Easy To Use

It may not seem like it, but because it’s a technology, it is not difficult to set up and use live learning. The teacher needs a computer with an internet connection and a connected camera. In contrast, online learners need a computer with internet access and a browser. 

5. Live Learning Is More Affordable

Aside from the taking trip expenses to get to and from your home, class, and food expenses throughout the day. LogyMy Live learning will save you money and time to enable you to achieve your research goals.

6. Community And Relationship Building

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Another benefit to LogyMy live learning is that it enables relationship building with other people they share interests with. They can then work together on projects and talk through various ideas and concepts, which can also help their team-building skills.

7. No Language Barrier

LogyMy platform has made it very easy for people with different languages to enroll in any course they desire without worrying about the instructor’s language.

People who learn using live will often get to meet and learn with people with different cultures and backgrounds from all over the world. Insights into how other cultures and people approach problems and solve them can help them better their skills.

8. Improves Accessibility

Plus, course materials for your online course can be accessed anytime over the internet, 24 hours a day and 365 days a year.

Accessibility has been one of the most significant benefits of live learning. Anyone who has a proper connection can connect and become a part of the community. There are no complex rules to adhere to when watching live learning. Remote areas also get the benefit of live learning.


LogyMy Live learning can add lots of value to online education. It can help the instructors provide highly engaging, interactive, appealing, and fascinating classes. The fact that it’s live might be daunting initially, but once you overcome the fear of going live, the benefits are enormous.

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